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Grave 01 by Pagan-Stock Grave 01 by Pagan-Stock
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Cenomnia Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
I love this green cemetery, it's pretty far from the aseptic ones we have in France -_-'
Pagan-Stock Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
I do too <3 oh, sounds awful ._. 
Cenomnia Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
Yes, a typical french cemetery looks like this :… ; btw we've some special ones, for example the Père Lachaise cemetery is more close to the one you shot here. :)
Pagan-Stock Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
uhu looks really boring ._. I'd not want to be buried in such a cemetary >.< then I'd prefer the one in my hometown, it's not the most beautiful, but definitely wonderfully wild <3 
aye, I've just googled that cemetery, this one definitely looks more wild and old x3 but do all French cemeteries look so crowded? or do I just see the pics where it looks like that? xD here in Germany there's much more space between the graves (at least on the cemeteries I have benn before) :)
Cenomnia Featured By Owner Edited Jul 15, 2014
Yes, quite all french cemeteries are that crowded, and some cities even use pesticides to make wild herbs disappearing -_-' ... I also don't want to be buried in this kind of cemetery. So the only solution to avoid it (if you're enough lucky to have a comprehensive family), is to be burnt and then your ashes are spread where you want to.
But politics try to forbid this kind of practice. F*cking country. ><

Btw if you want to, you can visit virtually the Père-Lachaise's cemetery here ;) :…
Pagan-Stock Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
really? oh that's awful >.< I wouldn't like to be buried on that a place, too ._. yeah seems so .. or you move to another country somewhen >.> though, this also has many bad things >.> or you die in a secluded forest where nobody is gonna find your body to bury it XD (sorry for my bad humor >.>)
really? oh man why that? I mean, if you're dead and your burned ashes are spread you won't use any space, if you get buried with an own grave somewhen it takes much space >.> 

wow that's awesome :shiny: 
Cenomnia Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014
Don't worry about your bad humor, sometimes i'm also wondering if it could be the better solution, to decompose like every others animals (even if you hope that nobody will see or smell that) in a quiet and beautiful place... have you ever heard about this strange forest in Japan ? Many young people regrettably get suicided there and visitors or this geologist find a skeleton or a body... That's very sad but this video about this topic is touching :…

Because they think that it's not "clean", or aseptised, i guess. That's a pity. Btw having a tomb isn't a better thing, because when the "period of location" of the grave is finished (from 5 years in Paris, to 100 years in countryside), it's opened, the main bones are taken to be put in a ossuary (skull and tibias), the others bones are broken to make a new free place. I find it awful, it's not a proper treatment for the dead >< ...

I were sure that you'll like it ;)
Pagan-Stock Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014
I'd rather do that than beeing buried on a crowded cemetery, I think it must be really loud there >.>
uhu that's .. may I call it interesting? without saying something wrong, I mean. 

pff stupid thinging -.- that with the "period of location" isn't different here in Germany as far as I know. though I never thought about what happenes to the bones when it's over o.o but you're very right, it's not how the dead should be treated.. 

hehe you really got me speechless with that, not many people ever got that really xDD
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